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2024 Colorado Emergency Management Conference

February 13-15, 2024

Loveland, CO


CEMA presents awards each year at the Colorado Emergency Management Conference.  The awardees are selected from nominations for those that have made significant contributions to the field of Emergency Management.

   For Information and to Submit Nominations go to:

CEMA Awards for 2023 Achievements Applications 

(Nominations CLOSED!)


This is an opportunity to network with your fellow emergency management professionals and obtain education and training from our field's most respected speakers in our state.

 For Information and to Register for the COEM Conference go to:

2024 Colorado Emergency Management Conference Registration

(Registration CLOSED!)


An opportunity for your company to participate in the 2024 COEM Conference and join forces with emergency management professionals to support and encourage the integration of preparedness and response efforts at the community and state levels.

For Information and to Register as a Sponsor for the COEM Conference go to:

2024 Colorado Emergency Management Conference Registration

(Sponsor Registration CLOSED!)


The CEMA Scholarship Program provides approximately ten (10) registrations, and lodgings to the annual COEM Conference.  The scholarships are open to all professionals, students, and volunteers in the field of Emergency Management in the State of Colorado.

For Information and to Apply for a Scholarship to Attend the 2024 COEM Conference, go to:

2024 COEM Conference - Scholarships Information

(Scholarship Applications CLOSED!)

Welcome to the Colorado Emergency Management Association

CEMA is a professional association representing the emergency management community in Colorado. CEMA's role is to provide representation on many state-wide committees, working groups and emergency management program teams. Furthermore, CEMA serves as an advisory organization to governance bodies on emergency management issues. CEMA's other roles include managing the state certification programs, legislative monitoring, awards /recognition program and membership services.

 Colorado Certified Emergency Manager
(CEM/AEM) Program 

CO-CEM / CO-AEM Certification

 Colorado EOC Position Task Book
 Certification Program 

CO-EOC Position Task Book Certification